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21 February 2017

New development

As a Fan of Twin rotor Compressors I love new developments. The last 6 months I have noticed nice developments on the market, I pleased me to see that new innovations coming into the market.

27 March 2013

COP (Coefficient of Performance) of screw compressors.

The most of screw compressors are running on a fixed drive speed. The capacity is controlled by a slide valve which creates an internal leak. How this effect influences the efficiency of the compressor unit?

21 March 2013

Will Texaco Capella Refrigeration Oil be still in the lubrication market in 2015?

Will the refrigeration market experience the same situation as with the Shell Clavus refrigeration oils and force users to look for alternatives fo lubrication of the compressors?

19 February 2013

PAO vs. 2-stage hydrocracked base oil

PAO and mixture thereof with AB base fluids are most known and popular lubricants in the refrigeration industry, even though PAO alone shows some better results in the area of solubility with ammonia and volatility. Modern producing techniques lead to development of the 2-stage hydrocracked base oils that have even better attributes than PAO and therefore became very suitable for the lubrication in refrigeration. 2-stage hydrocracked base oils are highly recommended for ammonia applications.

01 February 2013

Energy saving compressor units: Is a VSD compressor unit the best solution?

Can a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor lower the operation cost or create higher costs in fields other than energy?

Reducing energy costs is becoming a top priority, so it's no wonder that VSD compressor units are increasing in popularity. There is a common belief that VSD compressors are the most efficient part-load rotary screw compressors. As much as I agree with the high quality of VSD compressors, I cannot stress more the importance of fine tuning and adjusting the compressor unit to the field working conditions.

For example, at full load, a VSD compressor increases power draw by 2%. The way to compensate for this loss is by using a permanent magnetic E-motor, which saves 4% of power.